How to Change the Time on a Pocket Watch: A Comprehensive Guide

The pocket watch is a timepiece that for years, was seen as an accessory only for the wealthy, but over time, a more wide-ranging ownership came to be seen. Invented in 1510 by German locksmith Peter Henlein, the pocket watch was a neck watch in its earliest iterations, but gradual design changes and uses of other materials led to the watch becoming very similar to how we see it today. Henlein continued to design and manufacture pocket watches until the 16th Century by which time manufacturing had spread across the continent.  The rich and noble showing them off as items [...]

How to Clean A Gold Pocket Watch

Gold pocket watches, for a long time, have been a much-cherished item. Something of a status symbol for some, an inherited timepiece for others. The pocket watch has stood the test of time and whilst perhaps not seen in quite the same way today as it was when it first adorned the jacket pockets or necks of the rich, it does still hold an allure. It was 1510 when Peter Henlein, a famous locksmith, created the pocket watch in Nuremberg, Germany and by the 16th century, his innovative creation had spread throughout the rest of Europe. Seen as a [...]

An Introduction to Bracket Clocks and How to Identify One

At the Clock Clinic, we love a historic, beautiful timepiece, whether it is an ornate antique watch, a carefully crafted longcase clock or a decorative mantel clock. All have stories to tell from their crafting to their ownership. Today, we dedicate some time to the bracket clock, something that has become somewhat of a collectable for horologists, antique enthusiasts and those that enjoy a beautifully made timepiece. When were bracket clocks invented? The first bracket clocks are thought to have come to market in the late 1600s, but they are often mistaken for other clocks that look similar but in [...]

Ticking Through Time: The Story of the Longcase Clock

The Longcase Clock, commonly known as a Grandfather Clock, is one that sits proudly in all of the properties it is lucky enough to find itself in. A centrepiece that entertains with its chimes, astounds with its beauty and stands the test of time as a feat of horological engineering. At The Clock Clinic, we have been delighted to source some of the finest models of this classic clock over the years and have been delighted to see how those that purchase them appreciate them just as much as we do. Our Longcase clocks for sale are varied in size, [...]

The Grandfather Clock of Stranger Things and Other Iconic Films

Stranger Things has taken the world by storm over the past few years, regularly featuring as the top streamed show on Netflix and spawning an array of merchandise, it is hard to miss the iconic logo that accompanies everything adorned with the show's name. At The Clock Clinic, it got us thinking of other iconic clocks that have adorned both the small and big screen. There are a fair few, and we promise that even if you saw just a glimpse of one there is an extremely good chance you would know what show or film it came from. So [...]


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