The Carriage Clock: A Timepiece Steeped in History

The carriage clock has often been seen as a gift, an often ornate timepiece given from one person to another to celebrate a particular milestone be it in work or personal life. For many people, these delicate-looking clocks adorn a mantelpiece and remind them of this proud life moment. For others, these antique clocks become part of a beautiful collection and are the pride and joy of the collector. Much like someone that collects watches or art, every carriage clock has a story behind it and the collector embellishes themselves in the allure, history and magic that may be found [...]

Alastair Chandler: Steward of The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers

Alastair Chandler, Company Director of The Clock Clinic has recently been made a Steward of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers for 2023. Stewards act as hosts at Clockmakers’ events, representing and assisting the Master and the Court. Being invited to be Steward at such an institution with a rich and illustrious history is an honourable position which Alastair is looking forward to taking up. The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers is an ancient City of London Guild founded in 1631. Their motto is Tempus Rerum Imperator which can be translated as ‘Time, the Ruler of All Things’. It appears as an [...]

Antique French Decorative Clocks

At The Clock Clinic we have a fine selection of Antique French Decorative Clocks, mostly from the late 18th and early 19th Centuries. The featured clocks are, for the most part, from the latter part of the Empire period when the French monarchy was being restored. During this era there was a greater emphasis on the narrative quality of figurative sculpture on clocks. Fine and elaborate enamelled dials became more popular, as well as some wonderful technical innovations. Napoleon's desire to have a style inspired by the grandeur of ancient Egypt and imperial Rome was the driving force behind the [...]

Featuring the Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Clock

The Jaeger LeCoultre Atmos Clock The Atmos clock was created by Jaeger LeCoultre watchmakers in 1928 and still surprises people today because of its inventiveness. The Atmos is a clock that has no external power source and never needs to be wound by hand.  It isn't powered by a suspended weight, as most pendulum clocks are, so for those who like clocks which don't tick or make any noise this is a perfect choice. The Atmos clock gets its power from minute changes in atmospheric temperature, hence its name.  Within a sealed capsule, a mixture of gases expand and contract [...]


March 2021 We are open for business.  To help with social distancing, we are running an appointment only system, to book an appointment please use our online calendar. If you are booking an appointment to pick up completed repairs, we kindly ask these are paid for beforehand to minimise the time spent picking up your clock or watch. If you are interested in purchasing a clock or watch, please browse our online shop. If you have any queries about any of the items listed, feel free to contact us at Please note that shipping is free within UK. We [...]


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