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Introduction to The Clock Clinic

Operating for nearly half a century, The Clock Clinic is a family run business in South West London with a fully functioning workshop and showroom.

We are committed to building long-term relationships and are often a part of family traditions that cross generations. We pride ourselves on being a leader in clock repairs and restoration. We also repair most types of watches from battery replacements to full services. On our premises we have a showroom with a selection of fine antique clocks and barometers for sale.

In our showroom we display a comprehensive stock of Antique Clocks from the 18th and 19th Centuries for sale, specialising in English Longcase and Bracket Clocks, and also have a wide selection of decorative French Mantel Clocks, Carriage Clocks and Wall Clocks. In addition we stock a range of Antique Barometers and a selection of Antique Pocket watches as well as Modern Wristwatches.

Our services range from full repair and restoration of clocks (both the mechanism and case) to overhauling and re-tubing barometers. All clocks and barometers are repaired and restored by our own craftsmen and come with a full one-year guarantee. In many circumstances clocks can be delivered to and set up in the new owner’s home and we can arrange shipping worldwide if necessary. Additional services are dial restoration, cabinetwork and preparing valuations for insurance.

The Clock Clinic’s mission

Our customer mission is to give renewed life to old treasures, to celebrate traditional craftsmanship and to enable our customers to enjoy a piece of history and heritage. We delight customers by carefully restoring antique clocks and watches and pride ourselves on being a leader in clock repairs and restoration in the UK. We sell a selection of fine antique clocks, barometers and pocket watches across a wide variety of price points. Ultimately we are committed to building long-term relationships and being a part of family traditions that cross generations.

Our employee mission is to support existing horologists and encourage new people into the trade, keeping the traditional clock and watch making techniques and skills alive.

Our business mission is to be a leader in maintaining the tradition of clockmaking, to appeal across generations and keep family’s heritage alive.