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Antique Bracket Clock for Sale

Antique bracket clocks are steeped in an illustrious history. After first coming to prominence in the late 1600s, these wall-mounted clocks became a collectors piece in later years. Finding one with an original bracket becoming somewhat of a challenge for antique hunters and clock enthusiasts.

Intricate design and innovative concepts led to changes in appearance over time, and today, The Clock Clinic is delighted to offer some beautiful antique bracket clocks for sale, each showcasing the stunning design capabilities of the clockmakers from the past.

Why choose an antique bracket clock for the home?

An antique bracket clock is a beautiful addition to the home. It fixes to the wall and greets those who enter the room with its presence. Such is its versatility that it can be placed on a table or desk and still generate the same striking visual impact.

With elegant chimes on those with a striking motion and a pleasurable silence from those without, an antique bracket clock can be the addition to your living room, dining room or office that blends in effortlessly with its surroundings.

With design influences resplendent of the time and made of premium materials such as mahogany, an antique bracket clock is not only built to tell the time and its story but also to last.

Antique bracket clocks for sale at The Clock Clinic

We source stunning antique bracket clocks intending to share their beauty and quality with you all. Carefully selecting the finest examples of craftsmanship available, our aims are simple; To showcase to both the novice and experienced collector or enthusiast the stunning beauty and history encapsulated in a bracket clock.

With influences spanning the 1700s through to the 1800s, the antique bracket clocks we stock hold a mystique, a charm, an allure if you will, of a time we can no longer be in, but one we can revisit through its ingenuity.

Antique bracket clocks: Yesterday’s design but today’s timekeeper

Antique bracket clocks are, in many cases, hundreds of years old, but with the right care and attention can last for many more years to come. Carefully built by the expert clockmakers of their time, and today specially refurbished, serviced, and maintained by people like us at the Clock Clinic, an antique bracket clock not only tells you a story through its design but dutifully keeps you aware of one of our most precious commodities, time.

Find out more about antique bracket clocks for sale at The Clock Clinic

We carefully select only the finest examples of watches and clocks and make no exceptions when it comes to the bracket clocks we sell. If you would like to view our range, including those not currently shown on our website, contact us today. Our experienced team are on hand to impart their valuable advice so you can find the perfect antique bracket clock for your home. If you happen to already own one of these majestic timepieces, we would be honoured to be your chosen antique clock specialist. Our services allow us to take care of your bracket clock serving, repairs and restoration. Book an appointment today to secure some time with an expert horologist who can help you with bracket clock purchases or repairs.