Stranger Things has taken the world by storm over the past few years, regularly featuring as the top streamed show on Netflix and spawning an array of merchandise, it is hard to miss the iconic logo that accompanies everything adorned with the show’s name.

At The Clock Clinic, it got us thinking of other iconic clocks that have adorned both the small and big screen. There are a fair few, and we promise that even if you saw just a glimpse of one there is an extremely good chance you would know what show or film it came from.

So in this blog we thought we would take a look at those memorable clocks, and see how many you can remember.

The Stanger Things Grandfather Clock

We thought we should start with this one as the title of our blog mentions it and what a creepy clock it is! First seen in the trailers for season 4 of the hit Netflix show, this longcase clock is now an established omen of doom! Victims of Vecna, the latest evil character in the series see the clock in a selection of spooky and eerie places, appearing as if it is stuck between two worlds, the upside down and the land of the living. Once they have the vision of the clock it is only a matter of time before they meet their end!

It is potentially a gateway to the upside down but we don’t want to confirm anything in case you are planning to watch it!

Back to The Future Clock Tower

Everyone has seen at least one Back to the Future film and even if you haven’t you will recall the image of the clock tower. The entire film revolves around time with clocks and watches featuring heavily. Without them, the story could appear a little weak.  Marty McFly, played by the legendary Michael J Fox is accidentally sent to the past, to get back though, he needs a little bit of luck, a fair bot of science and a good friend. When in “the past” he finds the younger version of Doc Brown, the same Doc Brown, who in present day, sent Marty back in time. Together the younger Doc and the time traveler Marty hatch a plan to have lightning strike the clock tower to generate enough power for Marty to return to the present day in his Delorean.

The Doomsday Clock from Watchmen

We hear many mentions of The Doomsday Clock in the media these days but despite it indicating the same potential disaster, it pales into insignificance when compared to the clock of the same name from Watchmen.

Used throughout the comic book and in the film the clock reminds people of how close the world is to a nuclear Armageddon. Whilst the clock itself is of vital importance, it also springs up in other parts of the film as a pin badge and atom symbol. Time, just like in the other two productions we have mentioned so far carries a lot of significance, in Watchmen, the good guys are even called, The Minute Men.

The pocket watch in Alice in Wonderland

An all-time classic film that has been made, remade, parodied and put on stage so many times over the years. With a story some could say is older than time itself, Alice in Wonderland has truly put itself into folklore with an array of wonderful characters that captivate children and adults. None more so we would think than the White Rabbit. He loves his pocket watch and is religiously checking time throughout the story. So memorable and iconic has the watch and the white rabbit become that they are often celebrated in other films, music videos or songs! Next time you watch The Matrix, spot the reference!

These are just some of the timepieces that have made it onto screens in households and cinemas across the world. Perhaps you know of more! If so, let us know!

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