Clock Overhauls and Servicing

After a period of time, as with all mechanical items, antique clocks need a full overhaul to fix or adjust issues and to restore the look of the clock.

When a clock is overhauled, our specialists take the clock apart, diagnose and fix issues specific to your clock. The internal clockwork is then carefully cleaned before putting the clock back together.  Overhauls are covered by our comprehensive guarantee.

On request, we can undertake aesthetic improvements such as case polishing and restoration during the overhaul process. All our work is fully checked and tested.

For larger clocks, we can offer a collection and delivery service.

“A clock that old doesn’t come with a manual … so instead the few people left in the world who know how to do this kind of thing rely on what are called ‘witness marks’ to guide their way. A witness mark could be a small dent, a hole that once held a screw. These are actual impressions and outlines and discolourations left inside the clock of pieces that might once have once been there. They are clues to what was in the clockmakers mind when he first created the thing.”

This American Life, S-Town Podcast